Children's Sunday School

Updated: Feb 4

When we return to the sanctuary for worship on Sundays, we will hold Children's Sunday School during the worship hour. Families can bring children to the patio area where Mr. Wayne will lead Sunday School with them. Please scroll below for details and instructions from Mr. Wayne.

"I will be waiting under the awning at the main entrance to church. I will meet with the families that arrive and keep the kids with me there.

Once the worship service starts (10AM), I will take the kids over into the shaded area in the grass or remain under the awning of the main entrance (location is dependent on the weather on that date). We will have a Children’s Sermon and activities for the kids while the adults are in the service. At the close of the service, we will either be under the awning or off in the grass. Children can be gathered at that time. As we will not be online for the Children’s Sermon, we certainly hope to see all of you and your kids there in person! Please see below for the rules and procedures that we will be following throughout the coming weeks as we gather in person:

1. All children should be wearing their masks as they arrive to meet under the awning. Once we get into our learning space and distance ourselves, the masks can be removed. Any activities that involve moving closer together will require masks to be placed back on.

2. We will be using colored objects to keep families distant as we learn together. There may be activities that require us to be closer, but those activities will be closely monitored and will require us to wear masks. Once again, masks can be removed as we distance from those activities.

3. We ask that the children do not approach others for hugs at this time, and we ask that the adults do not approach the children for hugs as the youth are not vaccinated. Though most of the adults have been fully vaccinated, it is important that we all understand that most of our youth have not had the opportunity to get the vaccine.

4. We will have sanitizer there so that we can sanitize in and out of our meeting together. We will also mask in, and mask out of our meeting.

Lastly, I want to ask that each family reach out to me individually to let me know if they will be joining us for in-person Children’s church next Sunday. We want to make sure we have enough supplies to accommodate all families involved. If I do not hear from you, I will assume that I will not see you or your youth on Sunday.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me individually. I would be happy to hear from you and answer your questions/address your concerns.

Thank you for reading and responding accordingly! I look forward to seeing you and your youth as we return to in-person worship!

Love and blessings,