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Music Program

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Since April, Vocal and Instrumental Soloists have been giving their musical gifts to our Zoom Worship Services, singing and playing live from their homes or collaborating with me on recordings. The Soloists are Inna Harris, Kim Ladenheim Neidig and Lynne Spotts. Instrumentalists are Charles Everett, French Horn; Rachel Goeken, Oboe; Jen McClintock, Violin; Max and Emma Kronholm, Saxophone and Viola; and Marilyn and Bill Parry,

Handbells. Shirley McClintock coaches Children in their music once a month. I am playing Piano for the Prelude and a Yamaha Keyboard with Pipe Organ Stop to accompany hymn singing.

While our Choir and regular Soloists are not singing, I praise God for all the Musicians who have been ministering in this new way, and welcome an e-mail from anyone else who would like to participate!

Please click on the underlined links below to hear our recorded music videos, with slides edited by Marilyn White Parry. The videos will give an overview of our beautiful Zoom Worship Music, and hymns for you to sing at home.

Elizabeth Boggs

Director of Music


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